The PLF Scholarship Fund

The Parker Lee Scholarship Fund was established in 2016.  It is dedicated to empowering exceptional students enlisted in our primary beneficiary, Directions for Youth and Families.  Rhys Washington was honored as the first recipient, setting a high standard for future scholars.  TO date, the fund was supported 10 scholarship winners, with Chloe Moton being the most recent awardee.  With a total of $11,000 awarded thus far, the fund provides financial support to recipients.

Chloe Moton accepting her Scholarship award
Donate to the PLF Scholarship/Eric J Yavitch Fund here

Our scholarship does not only support the traditional 4-year track program, but it can also go to support a 2-year track program as well. Your dollars support a student in this manner:

  • For those electing a 4-year program, students can receive $500 annually during their freshman and sophomore years and $1,000 annually during their junior and senior years. 
  • For those electing a 2-year program, students are awarded $500 in their first year and $1,000 in their second year.

Our goal with the scholarship is to lessen financial barriers to higher education.  With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, the PLF Scholarship fund is cultivating the next generation of leaders who will driving positive change in their communities and beyond. Thank you to all of our PLF supporters who have donated to our scholarship fund.  Your dollars are changing lives every day. 

2024 Scholarship Award winner: Chloe Morton

Chloe Moton has participated Directions for Youth & Families programs ever since she was 5 years old. She was selected to attend an all-expense paid Entrepreneurship program in Sydney, Australia, which she described as "life-changing.” Chloe's experiences at DFY have turned her into a confident young woman., with dreams of being a travel nurse. She is planning on going to nursing school and hopes to be an RN in a Child ER.


Firebird Raffle

Congrats to Kevin Shannon as he was the lucky winner of the 1969 Firebird convertible. Actually the luckiest of all was his son Joey who Kevin promised the car to if he happened to win. One ticket was all it took.

Most importantly, PLF was able to raise $10,000 for the Eric J. Yavitch Scholarship Fund. A big thank you to all the ticket purchasers out there. This is an outstanding start to a great new initiative. Students at Directions for Youth and Family and The Buckeye Ranch will benefit as we are establishing a $1000 award to a student in each organization on an annual basis.

The winning ticket was drawn at an event on October 28th at Fado Irish Pub at Easton, and here's the lucky winner!

Group of people standing in front of a blue 1969 Ford Firebird

Teen standing in front of a blue 1969 Ford Firebird he just won in a raffle

Teenager sitting in a blue 1969 Ford Firebird he just won in a raffle