A beautiful day met the 250+ attendees at the PBR10K'Tribute party on July 31st at the Shamrock Club. While it wasn't a PBR10K, it was a outstanding tribute to the majestic event and set the base for future Parker Lee Foundation parties at the Shamrock Club. The big winner from the day was the $15,000 that was raised for the event beneficiary, Directions For Youth & Families. 

The other big winners from the PBR10K'Tribute

Beer #001 Auction Winner

Kimberly Commito

Beer Pong tournament winners

Brennan Dias

Jared Kiste

beerpong winners

Cornhole tournament winners

Tim and Timmy Knezovich

corn hole champions

Lampshade winner (MVP of the party)

Michael Rueger

Lampshade winner

A huge THANK YOU to all the following that made the event a great one: 


Shorty Allen and the Skirt Chasers

shorty Allen

Angelo Snyder

Angelo Snyder

New Park Drive

New Park Drive

Sound - Evan Richardson



Sponsor banner

Brian G. Miller Co. LPA

David A. Goldstein LPA

Duane Casares

Garvey, Shearer, Nordstorm

Gower, Wooten & Darneille, LLC


Mark C. Collins Co. LPA

Pabst Blue Ribbon/Superior Beverage

Phillips Law Firm

Silver Lane Barber Shop

Weston Hurd

Worthington Dairy Queen

You've Got Maids


Adam Cline

Alex Baumann

Anthony Starr

Beth Rickard

Brent Cline

Chip Smith

Darren Steele

Dee Dee Welch

Jeff VanSchoyck

Jennifer VanSchoyck

Jerry Rose

Jessica Baez

Kalynn Welch

Mindy Spain

Patty Lassiter

Rachel Niswander

Todd Baumann

Shamrock Club staff








Stay tuned for details on the next PBR10K, 5K, something K, to raise funds for those in Central Ohio who need our help.