The Parker Lee Foundation went back to our roots for the PBR10K'24 on February 24 and everything seemed right once again with the world. The party was the last Saturday in February for the first time in years, it was back at a downtown venue and even saw a bunch of familiar faces we haven't seen for ages. However, as always, it was for the kids. 

Besides all the attendees, other winners on the day:

  • PBR#0001 top bidder: Phil Kaplan

  • Beer Pong champs: the team of Two Girls, 10 Cups (Debbie Derenzo and Michelle Yanok) won one for Gen X taking down a couple of OU guys in the finale. 

  • Two 50/50 prize winners of $500 each

  • Most importantly, Directions for Youth & Families as we raised $12,500 from the event to support their fine programming. 


Thank you to the following who all had a helping hand in the success of the PBR10K'24 and getting it back on the legendary path it once was. 



50K (Charlie, Darren and Ryan Watts)

Colin Gawel & Dave Masica

Train Wreck Endings (Andy Hawk, Chuck Bordelon, Paul Bordelon, Micheal Gauvreau)

The 750 Band (Tom Morgan, Mike St. Pierre, Jay Mathy, Brian Asbury) 



Beth Rickard

Darren Steele

Debbie DiBacco

Dee Dee Welch

Derek Walker

Jas Assi

Jeff VanSchoyck

Jennifer VanSchoyck

Jerry Rose

Jessica Baez

Kaitlyn Stephens

Lindsay Bozanich

Mary Margarits

Paedric Davis

Patty Lassiter

Rachel Niswander

Todd Baumann



Bartell, Georgalas & Juarez, LPA

Bowen, Scranton and Olson

Brian Miller

Collins & Stephens

David A Goldstein LPA


Gower, Wooten & Darnelle, LLC

Josh Adkins

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Phillips Law Firm

Silver Lane Barber Shop

Weston Hurd

Worthington Dairy Queen

You've Got Maids


Jim Berling and the Skully's staff for all their hard work and hospitality.


See you all next year for PBR10K'25 on Saturday, February 22 back at Skully's once again.