The PBR10K is the backbone of the Parker Lee Foundation's fundraising universe. This event wasn't always a 10K. It grew little by little from the PBR500 to the PBR5K when we made the big leap to the PBR10K in 2014. All was rolling along until the world got derailed a couple of years ago.  

We're making our way back to the great old days and take the next step on Saturday 5/14/22 at the Shamrock Club. For those keeping score, this will be our 13th PBR event with a total of $216,200 raised from these parties one beautiful Saturday each year. 

Gallos tap room (2008-2009)

PBR500 - 2/29/2008

Where it all began. Leap Day and a Friday happy hour as we began our descent into madness with about 75 close friends.

PBR1K - 2/28/2009 - $1,700 donation to A Kid Again

Doubled our intake and raised an unheard of $1,700 from the proceeds of this shindig. All for drinking beer. 

Brian S at the PBR1K

R-Bar (2010 - 2012)

PBR2K - 2/27/10 - $6,500 Short Stop Youth Center

Our first official PBR event as the Parker Lee Foundation. I wish I had saved the email response from Short Stop's Sue Phillips when I let her know we had a $6,500 check for them from our beer drinking shenanigans.

R-Bar party

PBR3K - 2/26/11 - $7,000 Short Stop Youth Center


PBR4K - 2/25/12 - $8,500 Directions For Youth & Families


Three-Legged Mare (2013)

PBR5K - 2/23/13 - $10,000 Directions For Youth & Families/$620 ALS Association

A perfect combo - Disney on Ice at the Arena and the PBR5K raging in the tent outside the Mare. Parents walking by with their kids were either horrified or jealous of what was happening inside. 

Park street complex (2014-2017)

PBR10K'14 - 2/22/14 - $15,000 Directions For Youth & Families

The big time. Four rooms of mayhem. The first real VIP setup. The first year with bands (The Ryan Pope Band was the very first act). 

PBR pyramid

PBR10K'15 - 2/28/15 - $20,000 Directions For Youth & Families/$600 2nd & 7 Foundation


PBR10K'16 - 2/27/16 - $25,000 Directions For Youth & Families

Our first official sellout. 1,121 manics packed the inner confines of Park Street. 

Beer pyramid

PBR10K'17 - 2/25/17 - $27,500 Directions For Youth & Families

Only progress and development could slow this train. The Park Street Complex was sold to make way for a new hotel. Still think it would have been nice if the PBR10K could have been written into that sales contact with a lifetime pass to host annually that last Saturday in February.

PIns Mechanical (2018)

PBR10K'18 - 2/24/18 - $25,000 Directions For Youth & Families

Not like things don't get nutty enough at these events, but Jennifer Harris and Mitch Hatcher decided this would be a great venue to get hitched. 

Mitch and Jen wedding

woodlands backyard (2019)

PBR10K'19 - 4/27/19 - $27,500 Directions For Youth & Families

All outdoors for the first time. Beer #10,000 auctioned for $2,000. Life was grand. 

Wherever you were (2020)

PBR10K'20 - 5/1/20 - $25,000 Directions For Youth & Families

In the weirdest year of our lives a truly great love of community was witnessed. With tickets already sold and sponsorship money received, most didn't want refunds and instead chose to put toward a donation to DFYF. We cobbled together a Zoom with about 30 of us drinking PBRs while being entertained by two PBR10K classics, Ryan Pope and Andy Hawk. 

Zoom PBR

shamrock club (2021 - 2022)

PBR10KTribute - 7/31/21 - $15,000 Directions For Youth & Families

Perfect new venue with a great crew hosting PLF for the first time out of downtown in over a decade. 

PBR10K'22 - 5/14/22 - $16,000 Directions For Youth & Families