Directions For Youth & Families PBR10K'19 Donation Usage

On April 27, 2019 the Parker Lee Foundation and over 1,000 of our closest friends gathered at Woodlands Backyard to partake in 10,000 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon to raise money for the great kids at Directions For Youth & Familes.

As a result of that legendary celebration, $27,500 was raised for DFYF. While it's great to hand someone a $27,500 check, it's even better to read about the impact of our donation (and all the fun the kids had). 

Here is that story: 

DFYF usage of the PBR10K'19 donation

As far as PBR10K'20, sadly this Saturday we won't be drinking 10,000 PBRs, enjoying Mikey's Late Night Slice or listening to a beautiful beer drinking soundtrack from our friends Shorty Allen and The Skirt Chasers, New Park Drive, The Train Wreck Endings and The Winnie Cooper Project. 

Despite PBR10K'20 getting derailed, you can still help our friends at DFYF by purchasing tickets for this canceled Parker Lee Foundation event. All proceeds raised from your purchase of a $40 GA ticket or a $100 VIP ticket will be donated to DFYF. 

As a thank you for your purchase you'll receive, a PBR10K'20 t-shirt, beer huggie, VIP medal and a discount to PBR10K'21 (GA for $25 and a VIP ticket for $75).  

Buy those tickets here