The band Train Wreck Endings performing on stage

The Train Wreck Endings performing at the 2017 PBR10K event.

What a great year it was for the Parker Lee Foundation

2017 was our best year yet... until next year!

From the first notes of The Trainwreck Endings at the PBR10K'17 to the Guinness 500 last week at Fado, 2017 was simply outstanding and we have great momentum heading to a bigger and even better 2018.

Our 2017 highlights:

A total of $44,300 in donations supporting the following organizations and programs
  •         Directions for Youth & Families
  •         Gahanna Special Olympics
  •         Columbus Diaper Bank
  •         St. Baldrick's Foundation
  •         Family Service - Upper Ohio Valley
  •         Eric J Yavitch Scholarship Fund - two more scholarships given out
  •         Pelatonia
  •         CD102.5 for the Kids
  •         Gladden House

A new Mission Statement

"Leveraging fun and a caring community into an innovative giving environment for local causes"                                 

A fancy new logo with tag line
logo for Parker Lee Foundation
Involvement with the Columbus Foundation
  • A Parker Lee Foundation Giving Store page
  • Providing management of our Eric J. Yavitch Scholarship funds

PLF owns a basketball team!

And now, we sponsor the Directions for Youth & Families basketball program.

And last but not least, our new website.

Let me know what you think

What awaits in 2018:

  • Release of our Individual and Corporate Membership programs (with membership coins)
coins with Parker Lee Foundation information on them

And most importantly...

Thank you to all of the attendees, sponsors, donors and volunteers.  None of the good happens without your involvement and belief in PLF.

Local Fun. Local Giving