The Parker Lee Foundation is truly the best grass roots organization I have ever had the privilege of working with, period.

"The Parker Lee Foundation is truly the best grass roots organization I have ever had the privilege of working with, period. PLF is an exceptional foundation and a great group of people doing a tremendous job in supporting the youth of our community. They are beacons of hope with a genuine desire to make positive changes in the lives of young people. I have the upmost respect and heartfelt gratitude for their support and involvement with the youth we serve."

  • Duane Casares
  • CEO

Directions for Youth & Families

The Parker Lee Foundation has introduced us to many new friends, donors and supporters in a wildly nontraditional fundraising manner.

"The Buckeye Ranch has been honored to partner with The Parker Lee Foundation for many years. The Parker Lee Foundation has introduced us to many new friends, donors and supporters in a wildly nontraditional fundraising manner. Wildly nontraditional, but wildly fantastic. In addition, PLF has been involved in our Adopt-A-Family holiday giving program and provided gifts for children that may not have gotten any, had it not been for PLF. We always look forward to working with our friends at PLF and are so appreciative of all of their support."

  • Tim Woodard
  • Managing Director of Development

The Buckeye Ranch Foundation

It’s been an honor to work with Kim/Josh and their team from the Parker Lee Foundation the last several years by us hosting the PBR 10K.

"The amount of work and care PLF puts into this event is inspiring – just for this single event they put in hundreds of hours of work to throw one of the best parties in Central Ohio and raise a ton of money to support disabled/disadvantaged kids throughout the area.  
At our numerous venues we have hosted hundreds of charity events – the 10k is basically the best run, most fun, and highest-fund raising event on our busy event calendar.  The team at Woodland’s Production looks forward to working with PLF on events well into the future. Great people, Great Charity – a winning combo."

  • Ed Hastie

Woodlands Productions

Have you ever wondered what you and your friends or family could accomplish if you put even a fraction of the energy you use to socialize with one another towards a good cause?

"The Parker Lee Foundation has taken it upon itself to answer this question and to provide avenues for people to not only get together, but to do so with purpose. With events like 2 Fine 9’s, the Chili Bowl Classic and the infamous PBR10K, everyone can find a way to give back to the local community while having fun.

A LOT of fun.

I’ve been a strong supporter of PLF from the beginning and have been the ringleader of the Cleveland Contingency for the PBR10K since it was the PBR1K (that’s 10 years of PBRing). Going to the PBR in Columbus is a pilgrimage. Our CLE crew can count on one time a year that we’ll be able to come together with our C-BUS friends. It doesn’t take much to convince people to go – Want to hang out? Want to hear music? Want to drink ice cold PBR for charity? How could anyone say no to that? Our core crew changes very little, with rotating guest appearances every year. And if you’ve participated in a PBR, you know it’s you will permanently commit it to your calendar for the last Saturday of every February. Especially knowing that your efforts (to date, over $123K) will directly benefit the kids in Central Ohio youth organizations.

Not only is it a way to socialize and give back, when you meet the founders of The Parker Lee Foundation or if even if you’ve just seen them kick-off the event, it’s hard not to be blown away by the amount of effort they put into this event and the heart it takes to make it exponentially more successful year after year. Seeing great people do great things, makes you want to be a great person, too. And suddenly you find yourself inviting EVERYONE you know to the PBR and making a point to participate in other PLF events.You might even set-up your Amazon Smile Account to donate proceeds to PLF!

The Parker Lee Foundation makes me feel appreciated for anything I do to help them keep helping others, which is one of the main reasons I do everything I can to support them."

  • Jennifer Squires
  • Parker Lee Foundation Fan

The Train Wreck Endings have been a part of the PBR 10K for three years, and I have been a participant for longer than that. We love to play the event.

"The Parker Lee Foundation guys put on a fantastic event through and through, from the entertainment to the giveaways to the atmosphere. The positive vibes that come from the Parker Lee Foundation and from the PBR10K (and other events of theirs) have made this a priority for us every year. It's a road trip from Northern Virginia that we are happy to take. I'm truly inspired by their commitment to the foundation and to the cause. They are champions for the underdog, and can't most of us relate to that?

This PBR10K - and on a broader scale, the ParkerLee Foundation itself - has truly become interwoven into the fabric of Columbus, part of what makes this a great city. It takes a great cause and not only brings awareness to and involvement from the community, but also it radiates out into the rest of the year, fostering an attitude that's synonymous with doing good things for kids.

Honestly, these guys are locked in to their goals and have the personalities and the gumption to pull off big-time events that benefit these kids with little red tape. What more could you ask for in a group or in an event?"

  • Andy Hawk
  • Singer, The Train Wreck Endings

The Train Wreck Endings

It’s so great that an organization can schedule such fun events and help local charities at the same time.

"The Parker Lee Foundations is the perfect philanthropic group."

  • Stuart A. Keller
  • Parker Lee Foundation Fan