Thank you PBR10K 2017 attendees!

The 2017 version was the best yet and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and we were honored to provide Directions for Youth and Families with $27,500 that will be used for their excellent services.

What is this PBR10K thing?

"The premise? Itโ€™s pretty simple: gather as many people as possible in one place to drink 10,000 PBRs, all while having a great time, hearing live music from some great bands, and banking money for a good cause.
Yeah, thatโ€™s right. Each and every one of those 10,000 beers is a beer for charity. And to think, some people try to tell you that nothing good comes from a night on the town."

~614 Magazine~

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When is the next PBR Event?

The next PBR 10K will be held on February, 25 2017. Tickets will be available soon.

Email me when the tix are available!

What's included?

Music from awesome local bands, friends, food, fun, and, well, as many PBR's as your heart desires

Sounds awesome! How do I get in?

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Keep me updated on PLF events!

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